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Love, Ryan


ISBN 9780008647636, 0008647631
Paperback | 336 pages

A laugh-out-loud story of heartbreak and joy, Arthur and Teddy Are Coming Out is Beth O'Leary's The Switch meets Grace & Frankie—with a sprinkling of Bridget Jones on top. 


When 79-year-old Arthur Edwards gathers his family together to share some important news, no one is prepared for the bombshell he drops: he's gay, and after a lifetime in the closet, he's finally ready to come out.


Arthur's 21-year-old grandson, Teddy, has a secret of his own: he's also gay, and developing serious feelings for his colleague Ben. But Teddy doesn't feel ready to come out yet—especially when Arthur’s announcement causes shockwaves in the family.


Arthur and Teddy have always been close, and now they must navigate first loves, heartbreak, and finding their place in their community. But can they—and their family—learn to accept who they truly are?

Arthur and Teddy Are Coming Out (Paperback)

SKU: 9780008647636

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