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All She Wrote Books

Book the Bookstore

Have you always dreamed of having an entire bookstore all to yourself?

That's why we have a variety of thoughtfully curated packages built to make all your bookish dreams come true.


Who's it for?

Your book club (duh), small parties, bookstore hangs with your besties. Basically, if you've got 15 or fewer people you want to be alone in a bookstore with, this is it.

The Northern Book Club's Guide to Storrow Drive

Concierge Service: You'll have a bookseller on site to offer recommendations, help with sales, and show you pictures of their pets.

More Square Footage Than Your Apartment: (Because Boston living, amirite?) Not only will you have run of the whole store, but you'll also have a cleared space in our children's section—you know, where the rainbow wall is—and a cleared table for all the snacks and non-alcoholic bevs you could ever want.

A package that packs a punch (without punching your wallet)

What do you get?

No Set-Up Required: We'll set up and break down your event, though you can join us if you want to chill with our booksellers—or just want to add your finishing touches.


Solo Hour in the Stacks: You and your guests will have private use of our space for up to 60 minutes.

But wait. Do you have more than 15 people you want to be in a room with for longer than an hour? Can't relate, but good for you!

Whether you want to book our space for 2 (or even 3!) hours, dance in the stacks to your boppiest playlist, or want 2 book concierges to throw all the best books at you, we've got what you need. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll work some book magic.

Has your boss* given you the company card and told you to plan a staff bonding experience?

Let us help. No cringe icebreakers required, we promise.

*Maybe you're the boss, and we love that for you.

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