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For the Authors

So, you had an idea, and then you wrote about it a lot—like, 90,000-words "a lot." And then you got it published.

We literally wouldn't exist without talented authors like you.

Cheers to you!

We love your energy, and we wish we could! Sadly, we don't have an Am*zon-sized warehouse to store our books, and our shelves are mighty but tiny. This means we can't stock all the books, and yes, it does pain us to know we can't read all the books either. But, you can reach out via our Author Inquiry form to share more about your book and we'll see what we can do!

My book just came out! Can you stock it?

I didn't publish with one of the Big Five (or I self published). Can you stock my book?

We make every effort possible to bring in independent voices from every corner of the book world. Sometimes, though, books either aren't available through a vendor like Ingram or the sales terms aren't workable for an indie bookstore like ours. That's why we have our consignment program. Each quarter, we stock a limited number of hard-to-get titles through special terms thoughtfully developed so everyone involved wins. If you think your books is eligible, please check out our consignment infosheet.

I'd love to do a reading/author event at All She Wrote. How do I get on your events calendar?

The first step is to get in touch via our Author Inquiry form. If you have the power of publicity pixie dust on your side, we ask that your publicist be the one to reach out to us to coordinate. Please note that we work with authors, publicists, or event coordinators directly.

We aren't ignoring you and we do want to reply! It just may take a little longer than you (or we) would like. If the matter is truly time sensitive, please include time sensitive in the subject line. Otherwise, we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

We love hearing from you.

But we receive dozens of author emails and event requests every week. We can type pretty fast, but even we don't have the superpowers to be able to respond to every email. So, we put together this cheat sheet for you. Have a question? See if the answer is below.

I emailed you 27 hours ago and I haven't heard back yet!

We get that everyone has the same 24 hours as Beyoncé, but we're a mighty-and-micro team of booksellers who regularly have to solve book mysteries ("I'm looking for this book. I heard about it on my favorite podcast, and it's about ducks."), balance 15 books in a stack, and remember to feed ourselves somewhere in between.

Still have questions?

Please note: As of May 16, 2023, our consignment program is on pause.

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