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On Sale Date: June 23, 2020
ISBN 9781250621405, 1250621402
Trade Paperback | 320 pages



The groundbreaking, never-before-told story of Brooklyn’s vibrant and forgotten queer history, from the mid-1850s up to the present day.


“Delicious, fun, and moving..a page-turning, intersectional, and engrossing read.” —Sarah Schulman, Stonewall Book Award-winning novelist and AIDS historian

No other book, movie, or exhibition has ever told the sweeping story of queer Brooklyn. Not only has Brooklyn always lived in the shadow of queer Manhattan neighborhoods like Greenwich Village and Harlem, but there has also been a systematic erasure of its queer history—a great forgetting.

Ryan is here to unearth that history for the first time. In intimate, evocative, moving prose he discusses in new light the fundamental questions of what history is, who tells it, and how we can only make sense of ourselves through its retelling; and shows how the formation of the Brooklyn we know today is inextricably linked to the stories of the incredible people who created its diverse neighborhoods and cultures. Through them, When Brooklyn Was Queer brings Brooklyn’s queer past to life, and claims its place as a modern classic.

When Brooklyn Was Queer by Hugh Ryan

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