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Newsome, Haley


ISBN 9781524882365, 1524882364
Trade Paperback | 144 pages

Based on the hit webcomic, Unfamiliar Volume 2 continues the exciting witchy adventures of Planchette and her new friends, Pinyon, Sun, and Babs.

More magical mayhem ensues as Planchette and her new witch friends try to help a ghost bride rest in peace. Join them as they work together to handle a blackmailing Faerie King, a possible new romance, and an overnight camping trip in a profoundly evil forest. 

Unfamiliar is bursting with offbeat charm, a vibrant cast of teen witches, and hilarious familiar sidekicks. Set in an intriguing magical world, this series is a hit with fantasy readers of all ages.

Unfamiliar 2 (Paperback)

SKU: 9781524882365

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