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From Arthurian legend to tales of ancient China, horses have traversed the world alongside humans for centuries, and their heroic adventures are gathered here in this one-of-a-kind little encyclopedia . . .


Beloved for their grace, strength, and untamed beauty, horses have always loomed large in our imaginations, featuring in mythologies across cultures and throughout history. This little encyclopedia rounds up more than 50 mythical horses from around the world, including: Bai Long Ma, part dragon and part horse, of the Chinese classic Journey to the WestBalius and Xanthus, Achilles's horses who fought in the Trojan WarPegasus, a winged stallion and child of the Greek god Poseidon Sleipnir, a war horse belonging to great Norse god Odin And so many more! With detailed illustrations throughout, this book pays tribute to some of our most formidable equine friends.


Berkowitz, Eliza

The Little Encyclopedia of Mythical Horses

SKU: 9780762484898

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