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Scott, Bonnie


9781648413933, 1648413935

Trade Paperback


How do you raise your kids to be functional adults with big hearts?

Young people need to learn to stand up against every kind of oppression, respect boundaries and consent, and gain self-compassion while also navigating money, friends, sex, and school. How can you prepare children and teens to find joy and stability as they cope with uncertainty, violence, and disaster, especially when your own coming-of-age lessons weren't so thoughtfully taught?

Parents and therapists Dr. Faith G. Harper and Bonnie Scott have written a parenting guide for the 21st century that is a must-read for people with children of any age, from infancy to adulthood. Drawing from their experiences raising diverse, politically active young people, this book will help you bring up a new generation with tools to change the world for the better-all while maintaining your own separate identity and relationships, and without losing your mind.

Unfuck Your Parenting (Paperback)

SKU: 9781648413933
Ships by Jan. 14, 2025

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