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From the mountains of Northern Italy to the remote forests of Nigeria, diverse fairies from around the world come together in this little encyclopedia . . .


Naughty and nice, unpredictable and typically tiny, fairies remain one of the most enduring folk creatures, featuring in mythologies across cultures and throughout history.


This little encyclopedia rounds up more than 90 fairies from around the world, including: The Alux, a fairy of Mayan legend whom farmers called on for rain The Banshee, a fairy of Irish lore whose cries were associated with death The Hulijing, a fairy from Chinese mythology, who could shape-shift into a fox The Yumbo, a silver-haired Senegalese fairy, who dances in moonlight


And so many more! With detailed illustrations throughout, this book offers a fun and information-packed guide to these small yet powerful beings.


Opanike, Ojo

The Little Encyclopedia of Fairies

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