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ISBN 9781948579032, 1948579030
Trade Paperback | 100 pages

Captivating poems and visual art seek to bring comfort and solidarity to anyone living with Bipolar Disorder.


In this remarkable debut, Shira Erlichman pens a love letter to Lithium, her medication for Bipolar Disorder. With inventiveness, compassion, and humor, she thrusts us into a world of unconventional praise. From an unexpected encounter with her grandmother’s ghost, to a bubble bath with Bjӧrk, to her plumber’s confession that he, too, has Bipolar, Erlichman buoyantly topples stigma against the mentally ill. These are necessary odes to self-acceptance, resilience, and the jagged path toward healing. With startling language, and accompanied by her bold drawings and collages, she gives us a sparkling, original view into what makes us human.

Odes to Lithium by Shira Erlichman

SKU: 9781948579032
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