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Boy meets boy . . . meets boy . . . meets boy!

Boyfriends is the polyamorous story of a jock, a nerd, a prep, and a goth who are learning to love one another and make a four-person relationship work in their own sweet way. Through navigating the adventures of dating life, the boyfriends come to understand themselves and each other better.

It’s the start of a new year at college and Prep, Goth, Nerd, and Jock’s relationship continues to blossom. Silly bets, adventures in fan fiction, and a sweet visit home make for a very memorable semester. Plus, the guys make some new friends and realize they’re not the only queer polycule on campus…meet the Girlfriends!

Laugh-out-loud funny and always heartwarming, Boyfriends is filled to the brim with moments of pride big and small.

Collects episodes 56–100 of the delightful WEBTOON comic Boyfriends.

Boyfriends. Volume Two (Paperback)

SKU: 9781998854233

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