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I always follow the rules, especially the one to never ever date anyone who isn't your mate. But then I meet the mysterious future alpha, and suddenly, I am thinking about doing unthinkable, immoral things with a very sexy man who is definitely off-limits.


That is-until my first crush reappears. Now I'm torn, choosing between two hot, muscular werewolves, and life has gotten complicated. . . They didn't write a rule book about this!



Darkness-that's my life after the battle that changes everything. Now I'm back to assume the alpha title and I meet her. She's so warm, and my icy exterior is finally beginning to melt. I know she's not for me, but I can't help the way I feel about her. . .



I totally messed up. We all know we're not supposed to date anyone who isn't our mate. It just makes things messy. And messy is the situation I got myself into. But hey, that's a part of growing up and taking responsibility-cleaning up messes. It's okay, I can handle it. I think...



Content warning from the author: As with many paranormal romance novels, this book contains mature adult content, offensive language, and some graphic violence, and may not be suitable for young readers.

Wolfbane: Book 1 in the Wolfbane Series

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