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Wind of the House, Voice of the Stream, of the Dream That You Dream, While We Turn You Around

A collection of experimental poetry that examines the state of the world through unique perspectives


Praise for the Collection

“Schwartz creates a haunting and idiosyncratic Oratorio in which the individual voices open out to include a chorus of women and men, and the voices of “The Market” and Mother Earth herself (who warns of ‘weather that is paper on fire.’) This brilliant stroke allows her to interweave the most pressing issues of the day—immigration, run-amok capitalism, and the climate cliff on which we live.”
Ellen Doré Watson, author, pray me stay


“Deborah Schwartz’s stunning new collection addresses the role of witness in the face of pervasive violence, interrogating white guilt, and cultural appropriation. The “chorus” articulates the pain of living in a world blasted by inequity, racism, poverty, and greed. Schwartz offers her luminous poetry as a portal for healing—acknowledging how often we misunderstand and misinterpret each other—even as we struggle to connect.”
-Kelly Fordon, author, Goodbye Toothless House

Wind of the House, Voice of the Stream, of the Dream That You Dream...

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