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Kahler, Abbott


9781250873248, 125087324X

Hardcover with dust jacket


Donna Tartt meets David Lynch in the haunting, lushly layered world of the Bird sisters, where those closest may be the ones you can trust the least.


She wakes up from a coma, confused, terrified, with no memory of who she is, not even her own name. The first thing she sees is her mirror image—her sister, her mirror twin, the only certainty she still has, the one person she trusts as implicitly as she trusts herself, and she says her sister’s name: “hello, Jude.”

In the months that follow, Jude slowly gives her back her life, returning her name to her—Kat Bird—and telling her their shared life story, rebuilding her memory block by block by block, remaking Kat into the person she was before.

Until Kat discovers that everything Jude has told her is a lie.

Where You End

SKU: 9781250873248

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