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Mental Health America


9780593531419, 0593531418

Trade Paperback


A comforting and useful first resource for anyone who’s struggling emotionally and looking for help, from one of the nation’s leading mental illness advocacy organizations

It can be extremely hard to figure out what’s going on in our own heads when we are suffering—when we feel alone and unworthy and can’t stop our self-critical inner voice. And it’s even more difficult to know where to go for answers. But this book can help. Here you’ll find clear, honest, jargon-free information about all the most common mental illnesses, including a first self-assessment test; tips on how to get help and how to talk about your mental health with friends, family, and medical professionals; and tools for staying healthy. Plus, the book’s accessible and reassuring information and resources are interspersed with insightful and very funny drawings by acclaimed cartoonist Gemma Correll. This will be a book that you’ll cherish.

Where to Start (Paperback)

SKU: 9780593531419
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