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Gianferrari, Maria


ISBN 9781250244949, 1250244943
Hardcover Picture Book | 40 pages

Give thanks to every human's best friend, in this sweet and inclusive ode to dogs of all kinds—with an emphasis on service dogs—written by animal expert Maria Gianferrari and illustrated by new talent Ishaa Lobo.


Dear Dogs,

Thank you for being there when we are sick, or hurt, or in trouble.

Thank you for licks and hugs when we feel down, or just need to smile.

Thank you for all that you do, for always being at our sides.

This is our love letter to you!

There are many types of service dogs that perform important jobs, from providing emotional support, to supporting disabled people, to visiting those who just need a furry friend. No matter the job, it's valuable to recognize the service so many dogs provide for us, and to show them how much we appreciate them, too!

To Dogs, with Love

SKU: 9781250244949

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