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Jo Green

BACKLIST | On Sale Date: August 21, 2017

9781785922275, 1785922270


Insights and advice on the transitioning process for partners of trans men, trans women, and non-binary peopleA detailed step-by-step look at the different stages of transitioning for partners of trans people. With personal reflections from over 15 trans partners in healthy and successful relationships, this insightful guide provides practical advice for those supporting a partner as they transition.

Individuals who transition from one gender to another are often in some degree of a relationship, and over 55% of these relationships endure through the transition process.

While more resources are emerging for trans people themselves, there is very little information available for their partners. Through first-hand accounts and vignettes of successful partnerships, this book presents detailed descriptions of everything involved in the transition process, with specific guidance for those supporting a partner in transition. Topics include disclosure, mental health, coming out, loss and grief, sex and sexuality and the legal, medical and social practicalities of transitioning. In this essential guide, people whose partners are across the transgender spectrum speak out on their own experiences with personal advice and support for others.

The Trans Partner Handbook: A Guide for When Your Partner Transitions

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