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Winans, Justine Pucella


ISBN 9781547612543, 1547612541
Hardcover with dust jacket | 288 pages

Too Bright to See meets Doll Bones in this spooky, atmospheric adventure about a reluctant hero’s journey into a terrifying other world.


Some would call River Rydell a “chosen one”: born with the ability to see monsters and travel to a terrifying world called The Otherwoods, they have all the makings of a hero. But River just calls themself unlucky. It’s not like anyone actually believes River can do these things, so the way River sees it, it’s best to just ignore anything Otherwoods-related.

But The Otherwoods won’t be ignored any longer.

When River’s only friend (and crush) Avery is dragged into The Otherwoods, River has no choice but to confront the world they’ve seen only in their nightmares—but reality is more horrifying than they could have ever imagined. With only their cat for protection and a teen spirit as their guide, River must face The Otherwoods and their own fears to become the hero they were (unfortunately) destined to be.

The Otherwoods

SKU: 9781547612543
Expected to ship September 12, 2023

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