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ISBN 9781507216767, 1507216769
Hardcover Paper over boards | 192 pages


Self-healing helps you tune into the needs of your mind, body, and spirit to fully understand what you need for optimal health and wellness. With The Little Book of Self-Healing, you’ll find 200 practices that will help you learn to recognize the signs your body gives you, achieve the right balance for your mental and physical needs, and feel empowered as you take an active role in your healing.


Whether you’re dealing with the symptoms of extreme stress, coping with traumatic experience, or simply looking to develop a deeper connection with yourself, this book has the tools you need including:
-Letting go of the hustle mentality
-Finding movement activities that resonate with you
-Creating a community of supportive friends
-And more!


While modern medicine and simple self-care can still be an important part of your health routine, these simple self-healing techniques—taking a bath, meditating, or decluttering—can take your wellness to the next level. Learn how to truly care for yourself and feel your best every day.

The Little Book of Self-Healing by Nneka M. Okona

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