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Heuer, Lourdes


Esme always has a plan. A funny and sweet early illustrated chapter book about a problem-solving girl who has to manage her own birthday bash. For fans of Dory Fantasmagory.

Esme lives with her grandparents on the uppermost floor of the topmost best building. It's her birthday. Mimi and Pipo gave her a beautiful guitar. But they didn't plan a birthday party.

Esme thinks this is the way with grandparents. They don't know about parties or piñatas or birthday cake. No problem! Esme is great at problem solving.

With the help of her cat, El Toro, and a LOT of help from her neighbors in the topmost best building, the irrepressible Esme gets the birthday party of her dreams.

Series Overview: A plucky heroine with a cat sidekick takes care of business in the topmost best building in her neighborhood. Book 1: Esme's Birthday Conga Line (Spring 2022); Book 2: TBD (Spring 2024)

Esme's Birthday Conga Line (Paperback)

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