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Arnold, Elana K.


9781250765321, 1250765323

Hardcover Picture Book


Fall in love with a modern fairy tale inspired by a Jewish family memory in this magical picture book by award-winning author Elana K. Arnold.


Once, there was a girl named Kiki, who found a fish on the asphalt.

The fish was very hot and very dry.

But when Kiki put it in the bathtub, it started swimming, and growing, and . . . speaking?

A wish-granting fish!

Alas, this fish was only a Fish of Small Wishes, and Kiki’s wish was too big.

Unless . . . there was a way for both their dreams to come true.

Follow Kiki and the wish-granting fish in this contemporary fairy tale perfect for fans of A Big Mooncake for Little Star and Carmela Full of Wishes.

The Fish of Small Wishes

SKU: 9781250765321
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