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On Sale Date: April 19, 2022
ISBN 9781250791740, 125079174X
Trade Paperback | 320 pages


A middle-grade novel about a boy with an OCD issue and his move to a reservation to live with his biological mother.

Collin can't help himself—he has a unique condition that finds him counting every letter spoken to him. It's a quirk that makes him a prime target for bullies, and a continual frustration to the adults around him, including his dad.


When the principal says Collin is no longer a fit at school, his dad sends him to live in Minnesota with the mom he's never met. She is Ojibwe, and lives on a reservation. Collin arrives in Duluth with his loyal dog, Seven, and finds his mother and new home to be warm, welcoming, and tolerant of his numbers quirk. His own oddity is matched by that of his neighbor, Orenda, a physically-challenged girl who believes she is turning into a butterfly. Soon, Collin's own challenges take a back burner to stepping up for his only friend and trusting his new family.

The Brave by James Bird

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