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Auffret, Amelie


ISBN 9781837831319, 1837831319

Hardcover | 192 pages


Discover the art of tarot reading, and let yourself be carried away by the power of these mystical cards...


The Art of Tarot is an illustrated guide to the symbolic, and practical, aspects of the tarot.

A fantastic divination tool and a great way of learning about yourself, the tarot acts as a guide, teaching you how to increase your confidence and understand your personality.


Author Amélie Auffret shares her expertise, teaching you how to draw the cards, interpret your reading and use your deck on a daily basis. The author also explains the meaning of the 22 Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana, the art of sacred numerology and the significance of the colours in the deck.


With The Art of Tarot, you will have all the keys you need to rediscover balance and wellbeing, thanks to the long-held wisdom of the tarot.

The Art of Tarot

SKU: 9781837831319
Expected to ship by Feb. 6, 2024

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