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Elliott, Victoria Grace


How did cheese happen? Who pickled the first pickle? Explore the history of innovative food in this non-fiction graphic novel filled with facts, legends, and recipes.

Have you ever wondered how some of our favorite foods came to be? How was cheese created and who realized it belonged on everything? Was soda always meant to be a drink? A team of whimsical food sprites are excited to show you the yummy history of food expirements from all over the world! 

Learn about the true stories behind pickles! Get a recipe for how to make your favorite pizza! With a story and recipe for every chapter, this graphic novel will give you something to read and taste.

Series Overview: Yummy and Tasty are companion books, but completely stand alone, and are not numbered. Readers can come to Tasty without knowing anything about Yummy.

Tasty (Paperback)

SKU: 9780593425312

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