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Faruqi, Reem


ISBN 9781645679837, 1645679837

Hardcover with dust jacket | 40 pages


The inspirational and unforgettable tale of competitive swimmer and Syrian refugee Yusra Mardini, who heroically helped tow her refugee boat to safety before achieving her Olympic dreams.


Growing up in Damascus, the pool was Yusra Mardini’s happy place. She learned to swim before she could walk. And with swimming came a dream—to compete in the Olympic games.

But when war came to Syria, Yusra’s home—and her pool—were no longer safe. Yusra and her sister set out on a harrowing journey, crossing the sea in search of safety.

In the inspirational tale that follows, Yusra’s courageous spirit shines. Crammed on a too-small refugee boat, disaster strikes when the boat’s motor breaks! Scared but determined, Yusra plunges into the water and starts swimming.

Infused with hope, Yusra’s story encourages readers to pursue their own dreams, revealing how she met waves of danger with strength and perseverance. One breath at a time.

Swimming Toward a Dream

SKU: 9781645679837

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