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Kirsner, Ashley


Deepen existing bonds, start new friendships, and discuss the things that really matter most with this conversation card deck providing a fun and easy way to skip the small talk.

At the nationwide events hosted by the company Skip the Small Talk, strangers come together to make connections through interpersonal conversations. Now, with Skip the Small Talk Card Deck, everyone can practice flexing their metaphorical “vulnerability muscle” directly with friends, loved ones, and acquaintances.

Founder and CEO Ashley Kirsner’s methodology, backed by her social and clinical psychology research, is summarized in a useful guidebook which sets up the science and ground rules of the approach. The 100 cards, each featuring a thought-provoking question, start conversations about the most important things in life—helping you form new friendships and deepen existing bonds.

Studies consistently prove that structured, vulnerable conversations reduce loneliness and social anxiety, encourage self-disclosure, improve mindfulness skills, and even lessen symptoms of depression. So, grab a friend (and maybe a snack!), turn off your phone, flip a card, and start turning small talk into big talk.

Skip the Small Talk Card Deck

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