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Russell, Erin Danielle


A young biracial girl joyfully celebrates both her Black and Korean cultures the best way she knows how—with the irresistible power of food!

Hana is faced with a conundrum: what scrumptious dinner should she make for her four grandparents who are all coming for a visit? This dish isn't yummy enough, that one isn't special enough . . . What's an aspiring chef to do? Her mother tells her to cook what makes her heart happy, so Hana thinks hard.

She remembers the savory gumbo that she made with Grandma and Grandpa Williams when she visited them in the South. Then she reminisces about the sweet and spicy stew she made with Halmoni and Harabeoji during her trip to Seoul. Feeling inspired, Hana creates a dish that brings together the best flavors of her two cultures in a mouthwatering new way, and her grandparents couldn't be prouder!

Seoul Food

SKU: 9780593464380

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