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Lee, Hyesu


ISBN 9781797224916, 1797224913
Hardcover | 96 pages

This celebration of self‑love and healing, from illustrator and comics creator Hyesu Lee, is a knowing smile and a shared sigh in book form. Welcome to the club!

Finding the uniqueness that makes you you. Empowering yourself while staying vulnerable and open. Learning to rest, nurture your needs, and embrace self-love. Hyesu Lee has been on a healing journey toward all these states, and she invites you to come along with her.

In this generously candid compilation of art, comics, and illustrated reflections, Lee shines a humorous and heartfelt light on the small moments in life that help us find ourselves and learn to love what we find. This charming little book makes the perfect gift for that person in your life you'd like to see join the self‑love club, whether that's a friend, a loved one, or your very own self.

Self-Love Club

SKU: 9781797224916
Expected to ship November 21, 2023

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