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Compestine, Ying Chang


ISBN 9780593533055, 0593533054
Hardcover | 40 pages

A playful, feminist retelling of Rapunzel with a Chinese-cuisine twist

The story of Rapunzel where she’s being locked in a tower by a witch is a good one—but it’s not totally the truth.

The real story is about a young princess in China named Ra Pu Zel who doesn’t want to talk to princes or look proper. What Pu Zel wants is to cook and eat in peace, her long hair neatly braided to keep it out of her food. And when she gets tired of everyone telling her what to do, she locks herself in a tower with her dog Bao. Although princes from everywhere try to convince her to come down, it’s not until a young chef arrives with an intriguing food to share that Ra Pu Zel finally has a reason.

Ra Pu Zel and the Stinky Tofu

SKU: 9780593533055

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