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Moon, Emily Kate


9780593617960, 0593617967

Hardcover Picture Book


Breathe deep and prepare to sail like the wind, with the sweetest puff of air in all the atmosphere—from the creator of Drop: An Adventure through the Water Cycle

Look who just blew in! Meet Puff. He's air. And he's a gas! Puff has been here for billions of years, forming a blanket of protection around Earth to hold in heat and keep out cold. Puff is key to life—he's the air we breathe and the wind around us. And he's got talent! Have you ever incinerated a space rock? Traveled from the highest heights to the deepest depths of the sea? Or spun through a tornado? Puff has! He'll tell you all about it. With refreshing wit and breezy one-liners, Puff takes readers on an airy adventure through the atmosphere, earth, water, and you. Filled with irresistible artwork, funny asides, and a gentle current of kid-enticing facts, Puff is the breath of fresh air we’ve all needed.


SKU: 9780593617960

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