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Cathy Stefanec Ogren, Lesley Breen (Illustrated by)

FRONTLIST | On Sale Date: March 15, 2023

9781534111936, 153411193X

Hardcover with printed dust jacket


In 1835, Colonel Thomas S. Meacham wanted to give the president of the United States a present that celebrated the achievements of his upstate New York farming community. Believing that big is always better, he decided a colossal, legen-dairy gift was in order: a wheel of cheese measuring four feet in diameter, two feet thick, and weighing 1,400 pounds. Transporting the cheese to Washington D.C. was another big undertaking. It traveled by wagon and by ship, before being delivered to the White House on New Year's Day in 1836. But with a big cheese comes a big smell, and after a year the president had a stinky situation on his hands. How can he get rid of this cheesy gift? Readers of all ages will enjoy this slice of American history. Back matter includes science facts on cheese making.

PEW!: The Stinky And Legen-dairy Gift from Colonel Thomas S. Meacham

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