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ISBN 9781728226033, 1728226031
Trade Paperback | 400 pages

In this heartwarming LGBTQIA+ romcom, two former friends strike an unlikely bargain that could lead to more than either expected


Milo Lionetti is not a gamer. Not even close. But when a stupid bet costs him his brother's prized cards, he'll do anything to replace them before anyone notices they're gone. To do that, he'll need a little help from the best gamer he knows...who also happens to hate him.


Jasper Quigley is known for moonlighting on a popular gaming blog, but he's eager to stop playing the sidekick. The last thing he wants is to help out Milo and dredge up feelings he'd rather forget. But helping Milo comes with some perks, including getting his help running a cosplay event at the local children's hospital. All that forced proximity was not supposed to come with kissing, and definitely not falling in love...

Out of Character by Annabeth Albert

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