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Anderson, Airlie


ISBN 9780316409612, 0316409618
Hardcover Picture Book | 40 pages

In the tradition of The Quiet Book, this book tells the story of a bird who likes being alone, but doesn’t want to be lonely. 

Only likes quiet time, and they definitely like being alone. All the other birds are too loud and too rough! Only decides to create a peaceful space that's just for them, but when a friend shows up wanting to try some quiet time too, the two birds must figure out a way to be sure no one feels left out.

In this companion title to Neither, Airlie Anderson shows readers that it's okay to sometimes be noisy, to sometimes be quiet, to sometimes be together, and to sometimes be alone—as long as no one is made to feel lonely.

Only: The Bird Who Liked Being Alone

SKU: 9780316409612

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