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ISBN 9781728242880, 1728242886
Trade Paperback | 352 pages

A raw coming-of-age historical memoir that was effectively suppressed and lost to history—until now.


Originally published in Paris in 1925, My First Thirty Years is a brutally honest memoir by Gertrude Beasley, who grew up in poverty in rural Texas and suffered unthinkable emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of her family.


The themes in this book are still relevant to readers today, telling the story of a woman who grew up in brutal circumstances, but who ultimately found a way out. Beasley's memoir is one of the most raw coming-of-age historical biographies of women ever written that was suppressed and essentially lost to history—until now.

My First Thirty Years: A Memoir by Gertrude Beasley, Marie Bennett, Nina Bennett

SKU: 9781728242880

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