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Moffa, Gina


“A must-read book that will help your mind feel less heavy and open the door to deep personal growth" —Yung Pueblo, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Lighter and Clarity & Connection

Licensed grief and trauma therapist Gina Moffa illuminates a non-linear path through grief, with tools and practices to grieve at your own pace and use loss as a catalyst for a more connected, meaningful life.   Perfect for readers of Grief Day by Day and It's OK That You're Not OK, this "incredibly unique" (Mary-Frances O'Connor),  "smart, modern, and heartfelt guide" (Dr. Galit Atlas) is a  "lifeline to the exhausted treading water in an ocean of loss" (Rabbi Steve Leder).  

Grief hurts. Whether it’s the death of someone you love, the end of a friendship, a breakup, or an ambiguous loss, grief visits each of us in time. But even though it’s one of our most universal human journeys, grieving isn’t something most of us know how to do.

In Moving on Doesn’t Mean Letting Go, Gina Moffa takes an honest look at how grief affects our lives, offering a heartfelt, practical map through the dark terrain of loss—one that aims to shift the pain of your grief even when things feel unpredictable and overwhelming.

Grounded in nearly two decades of clinical experience and her own journey as a grief therapist in the throes of grief after losing her mother to cancer, Gina honors the individual momentum of each person’s process while guiding readers to:

  • Navigate the initial shock of the “griefall”
  • Process all forms of loss—from loved ones to pets, miscarriage, divorce, and more
  • Get in touch with their needs, feelings, and boundaries
  • Recognize their unique grief rhythm
  • Connect mind and body through somatic exercises and self-reflections

Gina gives readers permission to grieve authentically—with none of the toxic positivity that bypasses the possibility of true healing and transformation—because you don’t have to choose between falling apart or staying strong. You can learn to be empowered by the very thing you imagined would swallow you whole. 

Moving On Doesn't Mean Letting Go

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