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Oh, Joowon


A poignant picture book about the special bond between a girl and her foster dogs, with heartwarming messages of compassion, selflessness, and finding a home.

One day, Ruth and her mom are in the park and see a pet adoption fair. Ruth is drawn to a cute little dog, but they are moving soon and can’t adopt. But—they can foster for a couple of months, and that’s how they wind up with Ginger. Then Daisy. Then Cody, a special-needs dog with injured hind legs. Can Ruth help Cody find his forever home?

Joowon Oh’s Lucky Dogs is a vibrant and charming picture book about three adorable dogs down on their luck and an ordinary girl with a big enough heart to save them. Each hello is a delight as these furry friends teach our young heroine how to overcome her fears and be joyful, curious, and brave.

Lucky Dogs

SKU: 9780374391270

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