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Stone, Emily


ISBN 9780593722114, 0593722116
Trade Paperback | 400 pages

A young woman tries to heal a rift in her elderly pen pal’s family in time for Christmas, all while falling in love--and maybe even reuniting with her own family--in this dazzling romance from the author of Always, in December and One Last Gift

Sometimes it takes a stranger to bring you back to yourself

Ever since a car accident tore her family apart, Holly has been part of a lonely-hearts holiday letter writing club. Each December, she writes to a stranger who is also spending Christmas alone and receives a letter from another lonely person in return.

Usually, the letters go unanswered. That's the point—the letters are anonymous, and the sender writes whatever is in their heart. But this year, the letter Holly receives is different; not only is the letter full of a grief she knows all too well, but its writer, Emma, mentions a place that Holly has visited. When she realizes she might actually be able to find the letter’s author, Holly becomes determined to reunite Emma and her estranged grandson, Jack, with whom she is desparate to reconnect.

When Holly finally tracks him down, she realizes she’s met Jack once before…and the connection was electric. The spark between the two of them is still there--until a misunderstanding risks their burgeoning romance and his strained relationship with Emma, too. But Holly is determined; if she can fix Emma’s family, she might also be able to fix her own. Though as it turns out, Holly might have less time to put things right than she thought…

Love, Holly (Paperback)

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