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Melamed, Nicholai Avigdor


9781648410741, 164841074X

Trade Paperback


Alex Mazor is a transmasculine horror artist struggling to make a living in Toronto. When he invites one of his patrons home to model for his next project, his motives aren't purely artistic. But Matt Connors, local fantasy geek and perpetual DM-without-a-party, is an unlikely model and an even stranger bedfellow. Follow along as their relationship unfolds, from a steamy modeling session to some exhibitionism at an art exhibit, and a road trip that pushes the pair to bring their trust to a new level. In the midst of exploring one another's kinks and insecurities, will they be brave enough to find intimacy as well?

This series of unapologetically filthy, nerdy, artistic encounters chronicles two lives at a crossroads of healing and self-discovery. This high-heat four-part novella is of Microcosm's Queering Consent series.

Experience Points (Paperback)

SKU: 9781648410741
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