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Harms, Philline


Sometimes love is the strongest magic of all

When nineteen-year old witch Valerie comes to Oakriver to find answers about her mother who disappeared there seventeen years ago, she meets Rhia, a girl from a family of discreet witches who is determined to keep the existence of magic that Valerie publicly flaunts secret. Their relationship starts off rocky, but neither teen can deny the magnetism toward each other. But as they get closer, strange things happen with more frequency, and Rhia worries Valerie has more to do with her grandmother’s ominous vision than she’d like to be true. And when Valerie accidentally conjures up some unwanted guests, the safety of all of Oakriver is at stake. It’s up to Rhia and Valerie, and the magical power of love, to save the town as they know it.

Love and Other Wicked Things (Paperback)

SKU: 9781990259944

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