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Sylvester, Natalia


9780593697559, 0593697553

Hardcover Picture Book


A warm, gentle ode to cherished visits with grandparents and the people and places that make us who we are even if we haven’t met them yet, by an acclaimed author and illustrator.

It’s been three years since Abuela’s last visit, and Dulce revels in every tiny detail—from Abuela’s maletas full of candies in crinkly wrappers and gifts from primos to the sweet, earthy smell of Peru that floats out of Abuela’s room and down the hall. But Abuela’s visit can’t last forever, and all too soon she’s packing her suitcases again. Then Dulce has an idea: maybe there are things she can gather for her cousins and send with Abuela to remind them of the U.S. relatives they’ve never met. And despite having to say goodbye, Abuela has one more surprise for Dulce—something to help her remember that home isn’t just a place, but the deep-rooted love they share no matter the distance.

La Maleta de Tesoros

SKU: 9780593697559

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