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ISBN 9780812986952, 0812986954
Trade Paperback | 640 pages
$20.00 USD


Dasani’s imagination is as soaring as the skyscrapers near her Brooklyn shelter, yet her indomitable spirit is tested by homelessness, poverty, and racism, in a divided city. This sweeping narrative weaves together the story of a young girl’s life with the history of her family, as Dasani guides her siblings through a world of violence and inequality. Dasani never loses her conviction that a better life is possible, and on the streets, she fights tenaciously to protect the ones she loves. When one of her teachers takes a special interest in her, Dasani begins on a path toward an extraordinary opportunity: an offer to enroll at a distinguished boarding school that could transform her life. Yet what if leaving poverty means abandoning your family, and losing a part of yourself.


In beautiful and riveting prose, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Andrea Elliott weaves together an inspiring true story that reads like a page-turning novel. Based on nearly a decade of reporting, Invisible Child illuminates hidden corners of American life, through the astonishing story of one remarkable girl.

Invisible Child by Andrea Elliot

SKU: 9780812986952
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