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ISBN 9781632173133, 1632173131

Hardcover | 240 pages


Ever wonder what nonbinary or gender-nonconforming really mean? And how the heck do you use they/them pronouns for just one person? Isn’t it supposed to be plural?

This charming and disarming guide unpacks all these questions and more with a fun, visual approach. From a real-deal they/them-using genderqueer writer, this book makes it humorous and easy to learn so that everyone can get it. No soap boxes or divisive comment section wars here. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always human, this 101 primer is about more than just bathrooms and pronouns. It’s about gender expression and the freedom to choose how to identify. While they might only be for some, that freedom is for everyone!

How to They/Them by Stuart Getty, Brooke Thyng

SKU: 9781632173133

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