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On Sale Date: April 19, 2022
ISBN 9780593337028, 0593337026
Trade Paperback | 368 pages


Home is certainly not where Del’s heart is. After a local scandal led to her parents’ divorce and the rest of her family turned their backs on her, Del left her small town and cut off contact.


Now, with both of her parents gone, a chance has arrived for Del to retaliate.


Her uncle wants the one thing Del inherited: the family home.


Instead of handing the place over, and with no other resources at her disposal, Del decides she will tear the place apart herself—piece by piece.


But Del will soon discover, the task stirs up more than just old memories as relatives—each in their own state of unraveling—come knocking on her door.


This spare, strange, magical book is a story not only about the powerlessness and hurt that run through a family but also about the moments when brokenness can offer us the rare chance to start again.

Housebreaking by Colleen Hubbard

SKU: 9780593337028
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