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by Harvard Business Review, Karen Dillon, Amy Gallo
ISBN 9781633694170, 1633694178
Trade Paperback | 1088 pages


Emotional intelligence has been shown to be more important than other competencies in determining outstanding leadership. Emotions drive some of our most critical professional interactions--whether you're inspiring your team to higher performance, persuading your boss to see something from your point of view, dealing with difficult colleagues, or managing your own stress level. Indeed, knowing how to manage emotions has become one of the crucial criteria in hiring and promotion.


This specially priced five-volume set includes books from the HBR Guide series on the topics of Emotional Intelligence, Office Politics, Dealing with Conflict, Managing Stress at Work, and Managing Up and Across.

HBR Guides to Emotional Intelligence at Work Collection (5 Books) by Amy Gallo

SKU: 9781633694170
Expected to ship March 14, 2023

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