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Van Draanen, Wendelin


ISBN 9780593375921, 0593375920
Hardcover | 40 pages

In this STEM-powered picture book, gravity becomes a very personal subject for a girl as she stumbles and tumbles through a long day.

When Leda wakes up by falling out of bed, she knows that gravity must be in a very bad mood.

Sure enough, she struggles with stumbles and bumbles at home, on the bus, in the classroom, at recess and lunch… A lesson on gravity illuminates what’s going on. And after a visit to a science center, Leda and gravity are both feeling better. Just in time for her to tumble-- happily!--into bed.

With a very funny text from award-winner Wendelin Van Draanen and bright, bouncy illustrations from Cornelia Lia, Gravity is Bringing Me Down makes it hilariously clear how this science concept impacts kids' lives every day.

Gravity Is Bringing Me Down

SKU: 9780593375921
Expected to ship by Jan. 16, 2024

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