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On Sale Date: December 28, 2021
ISBN 9781683692973, 1683692977
Trade Paperback | 128 pages


It’s time to talk sh*t—literally—with this relatable and humourous interactive handbook that will help you conquer the (ceramic) throne so you can conquer your life.

If you grew up in the Western world, you were probably taught that poop is gross. Unspeakable, even. But it’s a waste to think of poop as a waste. Bags under our eyes tell us we’re not getting enough sleep. Sallow skin, thinning hair, and brittle nails tell us if our diets are imbalanced or if we’re overstressed. Poop tells us all of that—and much more. 
This friendly and conversational handbook from two certified yoga and Ayurveda coaches teaches you how to think of poop as a useful gauge of overall health, and helps you track the effects of simple lifestyle adjustments with:

  •  A seven-day tracker to observe your current poop health.
  •  Insights on the impact of diet, exercise, sleep, and stress on your poop, with tips for making improvements in all areas.
  •  Journal prompts that help you analyze behaviors that lead to good and bad poops.
  •  A 21-day tracker to help you see the positive impact of lifestyle changes on your poop over time.

Good Sh*t by Julia Blohberger, Roos Neeter

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