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Bianchi, Pilley


ISBN 9781797223308, 1797223305
Hardcover | 304 pages

A visual celebration and exploration of the connection between dogs and humans.

Pilley Bianchi pens a love letter to dogs and dog ownership through observations, lessons, and wisdom gained from her family dog Chaser, the popular subject of her father John W. Pilley's New York Times best-selling book Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words. Chaser was dubbed "the smartest dog in the world" before crossing the rainbow bridge in 2019. New Yorker and New York Times illustrator Calum Heath's charming black-and-white illustrations throughout add a unique graphic style to this gifty package, making it an irresistible volume for anyone devoted to dogs.

For the Love of Dog takes the reader on a journey of all things dog, with chapters that cover the history of dogs and how breeds developed from wolves, dog philosophy (i.e., What if we were to look at each other as if through the eyes of a dog, with the same capacity for enthusiasm and appreciation of others?), tips and tricks for good dog behavior compliments of Chaser, how dogs elevated to their current status as human's best friend, and much more.

Filled with practical advice and insightful knowledge, this lively illustrated volume teaches us how to better understand our dogs and forge a deeper bond with them.

For the Love of Dog

SKU: 9781797223308

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