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Lawrence, Vanessa


ISBN: 9780593472774, 0593472772



Set in the glossy world of beauty and fashion in New York City, this sharp and witty debut novel charts two high powered women who connect over work—and perhaps more—while they navigate identity, belonging, and the complexity of modern relationships in the digital age.

When cosmetics mogul Billie rolls down her town car window and offers Lily a ride back from a glitzy champagne-soaked Manhattan gala, Lily figures there could be a useful work connection in the works. She’s heard the legends of Billie’s rise as a business titan who was an out lesbian long before it was fashionable. Lily feels stalled in the fashion magazine world, and in her relationship with her girlfriend Alison. As a biracial and bisexual woman, Lily’s spent her life negotiating other people’s sliding perceptions of her.

Charming and self-assured, Billie seems invested in mentoring Lily out of her slump. But their text exchanges quickly begin to consume Lily’s life. She’s always trapped in an ellipses, waiting for three grey dots to bloom into a new message from Billie.

As she navigates high society galas, smoky cocktail lounges, and conference rooms rife with microaggressions, all with one eye on her phone, Lily must ultimately work out not only what it is she really wants—but also how to take it for herself.


SKU: 9780593472774

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