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By Alba De Zanet, Roberto Garcia


ISBN 9781784884253, 1784884251

Hardcover | 112 pages


All the classic drag phrases explained
"No tea no shade, Judy, but your mug looks pretty badly beaten!"

With RuPaul's Drag Race catapulting drag into the mainstream, queens are well and truly owning the spotlight, and introducing us to their quirky and hilarious slang. But are you struggling to keep up with the lingo? Desperate to "throw shade" and "spill the tea" but not quite sure how to work it into a sentence? Well never fear: The Drag Dictionary is here to save you!

Featuring bright, fun illustrations of your best-loved girls, as well as all those classic phrases explained – from "death drop" to "squirrel friends", "tuck" and more – this explains 45 of the best phrases you've been gagging over since the dawn of Lady Bunny. This is a tribute to all things drag, and the amazing artists and superheroes who add sparkle and glitz to our lives.

Drag Dictionary: An illustrated glossary of fierce Queen slang

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