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On Sale Date: July 19, 2022
ISBN 9781250777058, 1250777054
Trade Paperback | 304 pages



Riverdale meets Stranger Things in this debut queer YA graphic novel, developed from a hit webcomic. Set in the haunted town of Blackwater, Maine two boys—one a star athlete bitten by a werewolf, the other a social recluse who can see ghosts—fall for each other as they dig for clues to a paranormal mystery.

Tony Price is a popular high school track star and occasional delinquent aching for his dad’s attention and approval. Eli Hirsch is a quiet boy with a chronic autoimmune disorder that has ravaged his health and social life. What happens when these two become unlikely friends (and a whole lot more . . . ) in the spooky town of Blackwater, Maine? Werewolf curses, unsavory interactions with the quarterback of the football team, a ghostly fisherman haunting the harbor, and tons of high school drama.

Co-illustrated by both creators, who alternate drawing chapters in their own unique and dynamic styles, Blackwater combines the spookiness of Anya's Ghost with the irreverent humor of Nimona. To check out the webcomic, visit

Blackwater by Jeannette Arroyo, Ren Graham

SKU: 9781250777058
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