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On Sale Date: October 4, 2022
ISBN 9781922417961, 1922417963
Novelty Book | 0 pages

This bingo game celebrates our brightest, shiniest LGBTQ+ icons.

This bingo game houses a wealth of queer history’s icons—activists, artists, comedians, writers, philosophers, musicians, and poets, all together in one of the most fun and interactive games known to humankind: bingo!
These icons of the LGBTQ+ community have collectively championed civil rights, radically increased queer visibility, and provided a means of escapism through their soul-affirming artistry.
With eight double-sided, randomized bingo cards and forty-eight tokens that each feature a different queer hero, this game can keep you and your friends playing all night long.

Bingay!: Celebrate Our LGBTQ+ Icons!

SKU: 9781922417961
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